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Media Roundtable: Raj Jayadev

September 8, 2008

Raj is the Founder of Silicon Valley De-Bug and is working to empower underserved communities by educating them on how use the tools to share their voice/opinion and make a difference in their community. I already love this guy and he is only one minute in.

It does not take a lot of resources to become a ‘media mogul’. Most of the younger generation is using the free online technologies (Facebook, MySpace) and text messaging to communicate with one another and using news/civil actions to organize, like the recent march for the rights of immigrants. The march was self organized via MySpace and text messaging, and turned into the largest organized protest in the Bay Area’s history. This is extremely powerful. People who understand this will be able to effect change.

He shares the thought that media has become synonymous with community organizing. Also sees ethnic media replacing traditional media in certain areas, though would like to add that merely going ‘in language’ does not automatically make it an ethnic media source (i.e. just because you print in Spanish does not mean you are reporting on issues that affect the Latin community).

So the big question is now…how do we make the newer technologies accessible to all?


Technology & Innovation Roundtable: danah boyd

September 8, 2008

danah shares a great case study of how people used the Social Media tools (wikis, Twitter, blogs, Flickr, etc.) to help educate people around Hurricane Gustav. It provided a vital resource for people affected in the area that got the attention of Rick Sanchez and the folks at CNN who realized quickly a small community was able to produce the news and gather resources faster.

The key thing to remember is innovation is not always around the technologies themselves, but how people converge and use the tools around them.

Technology & Innovation Roundtable: Mike McGuire

September 8, 2008

As the VP of Research at Gartner, Mike has been around long enough to remember the days when Steve Jobs used to wear dress shirts and bow ties to work. Not a diss towards him at all, in fact, I find it interesting as he is someone who hails from a very traditional outlet, and is intrigued by the new media tools.

Re-emphasizes the thought, people will pay for content if it is valuable. This of course begs the question (from him) Why we are whacking reports and editors – wouldn’t it be smarter to cut the sales staff if they are not finding ways to monetize the content?

Likes the power of search and tagging to help bring people of like interests together and tools such as Twitter as it has the possibility to change the landscape of broadcast news.