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Media Roundtable: Linjun Fan

September 8, 2008

Linjun created the Albany Today blog a year ago to provide local news to the 16,000 residents in her community. Does not post personal commentaries – stays true to journalism values. Uses photos, slideshows and videos to enhance experience.

Compared to a local newspaper, her blog is richer in content and provides a better user experience. Interesting to note, Albanydoes not have a local newspaper. Started with 50 pages views a day, now at 6k views. Shows demand is there. LOCALLY.

She receives announcements from parents, neighbors, local offices and others to share their news through her blog. She has become the ‘trusted source’ in Albany. Interesting note: Linjun moved to Albany less than a year ago and her actions have stirred the local school to launch a new series of classes to teach online publishing skills. Teach the teacher. Love it.

Exploring possiblities to commercialize the project and ensure longevity.

I love hearing personal success stories like Linjun’s as this shows all it takes is one individual willing to put the time and effort in to effect change.