Unmet Community Info Needs Roundtable: Muhammed Chaudhry


Muhammed is the CEO of the Silicon Valley Education Foundation (SVEF) shares a survey (need link) that provided mixed reactions – large percentage said more funding would lead to higher K-12 education while another percentage said major changes in the funding programs needed to be done to foster better education. How do you address local issues when so many inputs available to produce ‘news’, and many contradict each other?

How do you get citizens to take action? How do you mobilize? How do you have an added effect to that?

SVEF looking to become content producer to inform, inspire and educate population, and also looking to partner with media outlets to consolidate information on a localized level. Using Facebook to gather information and found they have been able to reach larger group of people they would not have reached beforehand – students, teachers, etc.

Looking at other ways to use the media to expand awareness.


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