Unmet Community Info Needs Roundtable: Emmett Carson


Emmett is the CEO of Silicon Valley Community Foundation and feels if democracy is the core, the media is the way we get information about understanding what those subject areas are – i.e. military spending, how much for disaster planning, etc. – and also how we legislate morality.

We have too many information sources. In prior times, we combined news outlets, so we knew where to go. They were not perfect, but at least it was a common basis to shape ideas and knowledge.

Communities are becoming fractured, people are focused solely on their own neighborhood – we need to get back to the ‘common good’. How do we link the channels to ensure there is a cross section of information to ensure you have all you need to make a educated decision.

Build democracy based on the common good.

Emmett is one of those people I need to sit down and have a deeper chat with.


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