Commissioners Q&A on Unmet Community Info Needs


Question from Danah Boyd: Seeing a big difference between push and pull strategies. In the past, information was pushed out to the communities. Now, it seems most organizations are focused on pulling information to aggregate it. What are some of the push strategies you are using to help people who are not online or now pulling news on their own?

  • Judy – Using public libraries to get information to the public and making information available that will engage people to do things they like to do. Need to focus on the younger generation to show the value of community and educating them on civil actions.
  • Muhammed – Creating communities of interest with a subset, i.e. working with teachers to start Math Clubs or Science Clubs to engage younger generation and get information to them that way.
  • Matt – Going to the trusted organizations within the communities (churches, schools, etc). Most people don’t know their neighbors – the key is to get people in the same room to solve problems together, then use new technology to get/keep them informed. Just about everyone has a cell phone so they found sending text messages out was a great way to communicate.
  • Kim – Think it is more about push information out who will ‘pass it around’ – using things like email from people who signed up for announcements.

Question from Michael Powell: Feels the power of integrating information around ‘place’ (community, neighborhoods, etc). Is this the key?

  • Matt – most everyone in CA knows the school system is broken. Just having an informed public is not enough. Need to find organizations or institutions who can take information and then DO something about it.

3 Responses to “Commissioners Q&A on Unmet Community Info Needs”

  1. Meg Mitchell Says:

    “Using public libraries to get information …” I work for a public and also an academic library in the Philadelphia area. Yet in our community there is no awareness of your commission in the local academic library consortium, at the county-wide management level, nor at the reference desk of the largest urban library. Still trying to get more info about the Sept 27th forum. And very glad this is being discussed

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