Unmet Community Info Needs Roundtable: Chava Bustamante


Chava Bustamante from the SEIU starts off by asking how many people in this room were (1) born in another country (2) born in a other state, (3) born in Mountain View to get an idea of the diversity of the attendees.

Chava is working towards bring ‘strangers’ together and to find ways of how media can be used to foster democracy. He feels being part of a democracy is having access to all the opportunities in this society to achieve every dream possible.

Miilions of people live in poverty and don’t have access to the tools ot better their lives. Feels too much time is wasted to find information on how to get things like GED or training opportunities for a better job. Had he had this access, it would have allowed him a chance at a better education. Instead, he worked in the fields for 12 years.

Media can play a more active role by publishing more informtiton about programs and organizations that help people accomplish their dreams. News outlets should highlight roles organizations play in their communities.

Our lives are intertwined, we should work together to build a stronger society.


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