Media Roundtable: Linda O’Bryon


Linda is the Chief Content Office for KQED and believes there is no other place in the world that places such emphasis on thought leadership as in Silicon Valley (big ocean, big mountains, big sky…and big thinking). We live in an area of open spaces and open thinking – what happens in Silicon Valley does not stay in Silicon Valley.

Sees the online tools creating communities of people who have never met in person, which is drastically different than 30 years ago where you [mostly] only associated with the people who lived in your neighborhood or you worked along side with.

I love the program KQED launched over 5 years ago, called Digital Storytelling, where they encourage high school students to come in and share stories of interest.  I love the fact that KQED has positioned themselves in three various key roles: Enabler (getting kids excited about creating content and sharing their items of interest), Mentor (educating kids on how to use the new tools) and Publisher (pushing content which will help bring traffic back to KQED and show they are playing an active role in their community). It is a win-win-win.

Key takeaway is the need to provide media when and where people want it – whether online, mobile, print. Media’s role is to help cultivate as well as create.


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